The hair extension industry is a billion-dollar market but with such a successful industry comes counterfeit, low-quality and cheap products, and services. At Hair Flair Extensions, we continuously strive for high-quality and are working to be the best of the best. Our company provides premium hair extension products, services, and education throughout North America.

We are combined of both professional hair extension technicians and certified instructors with over a decade of experience. Together we have completed thousands of hair transformations and have educated hair extension technicians all over North America.

Our scientifically proven extension methods put the least amount of stress on the natural hair. Hair Flair Extensions ensures the natural hair remains healthy and undamaged. This allows for our clients to wear our methods continuously without stress and anxiety around hair loss from extensions.

At Hair Flair Extensions, we pride ourselves on specializing in only the safest, non-damaging and affordable yet high quality hair extensions. Our goal is to ensure every woman can achieve the hair of their dreams while maintaining the integrity of their natural hair.