20 Inch Nanolink Extension #60 Platinum Blonde


Professional Quality Hair Extensions

100% Cuticle Intact Hair has a lifespan of 12 months plus

25 pieces per bundle, 20 inch length

Styling: Can be coloured and styled like normal hair

Tools: You will need a speed threader or looper, nanolink beads and hair extension pliers to install


3 bundles for thin hair

4-5 bundles for normal hair

5-6 bundles for thick or very short hair


Order ships same day and express shipping is available. Ships from Canada.

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12 Reviews

Maria 25th Sep 2019

Hair Flair Extensions

My clients love this colour and I have personally worn hair flair extensions for 10 months and they are still mostly as good as new! Love hair flair extensions! Great quality!

Selma Sejdic 4th May 2019

The best hair quality hair!

Thank you

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