Group Classes

Course Overview

 As well as offering you professional quality hair extensions, we also give you the opportunity to learn the hair extension trade. Our range of training courses allows you to study the most in-demand hair extension types.

Through our courses, many salons, hair professionals and individuals looking for a new career have taken advantage of our fully comprehensive training to increase the services they offer and build a rewarding, profitable career.  Once trained they are able to give others the amazing hair that you have become accustomed to with Hair Flair Extensions.

Also as an added bonus, once you are qualified through a Hair Flair Extensions training course, you receive a 20% trade discount off all future trade hair purchases, further increasing your salon's bottom line! Plus, each student is given a full extension kit!

 Our training is suitable for everyone from beginners to hair extension technicians who want to improve their skills and learn how to stand out.



What To Expect

Hair Flair Extensions training course covers the four primary methods of hair extensions:

  • Nano Extensions
  • Fusion Extensions
  • Microlink Extensions
  • Hair Toppers and Medical Hair Loss Options

Our class syllabus has been pre-screened and approved by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities as well as being approved by our insurance partner allowing qualified students to immediately begin working with their Hair Flair Extension certificate and to gain insurance though our insurance partner if they choose.